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BLK/Card Service Factor W and K Workshop

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Chip Blank Service Card, may alloud you to get in to the service system. The device is just PLUG&PLAY. Only for education and trening. 

Long validity

Every tachograph card has a defined validity period and expiry date. There are good reasons for driver cards etc. in normal use to have relatively short validity periods. However these reasons really do not apply for training cards.

All cards supplied by Lisle Design have a validity period of at least 5 years. Factor settings K and W

Like any other measuring device, a tachograph needs to be calibrated, which means that it needs to be configured in order to measure with a minimum accuracy.
In the case of the tachograph, the parameter responsible for the calibration is called the K factor which represents the number of pulses that should be received by the tachograph when the vehicle drives a one kilometer distance.
The W factor is a characteristic of the vehicle and represents the number of pulses generated by the sensor on the gearbox when the vehicle drives a one kilometer distance.
The calibration consists in setting the K factor of the tachograph to the value of the W factor of the vehicle.

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