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USB module voltage diagnosis device, no interference inside or installation. The offered product is wireless. Please be advised that the device we sell has many other properties. Any digital by 2020 with ABS sensors. Negotiable for larger orders. The offered device is a voltage tester in the OBD socket (through the installed diode illuminating e.g. legs in the driver's cabin), along with the possibility of programming components in the microcontroller system, the seller is not responsible for illegal use. All car models. The device does not infringe Art. 25 of the Tachograph Act (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2020, item 900) As a store, we do not practice the methods shown in the movies, the seller does not encourage and does not instruct how to do it. The module can be used for data exchange between a computer and a microcontroller system or for programming boards with a serial interface. A converter that enables communication between USB and UART serial interfaces. It allows the exchange of data between the computer and systems using microcontrollers. The module is based on the PL2303 chip. In the operating system it is visible as a virtual COM port. VCCIO Power supply 3.3 V or 5 V selected with a jumper. GND The ground of the system. TXD Pin of the UART transmitter (voltage set with a jumper). RXD Pin of the UART receiver (voltage set with a jumper).

DTCO 4.0 GNSS, new KITAS 4.0 transmitters (2185), technical documentation and CAN connections. The focus was also on issues related to the programming of universal tachographs. Legal issues (EU) No 799/2016 and 502/2018 and further related plans were also highlighted.

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